Coordination Project

The Coordination Project is run by the management committee (Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Andreas Hemp, Markus Fischer, Claudia Hemp (coordinator Tanzania), Mathias Templin (coordinator Germany), Ramona Papapostolou (coordinator Germany), Jennifer Günther (coordinator Germany) and greatly supported by our Tanzanian counterparts Allan Kijazi (TANAPA), Victor Kakengi (TAWIRI), Angela Nyaki (KINAPA) and Nedovotu Mollel (TPRI).

The main responsibilities of the Coordination Project are:

  • to support data collection by establishing and facilitating contacts to multiple stakeholder groups, by maintaining 65 study plots, and by managing the research station Nkweseko and its infrastructure (e.g. project cars, labs),
  • to facilitate communication and collaboration within the project and beyond,
  • to foster local and national networks both in scientific (e.g. universities, research institutes and museums) as well as other institutions (e.g. TAWIRI, COSTECH, TANAPA),
  • to provide public outreach for scientists and scientific institutions, authorities, and politicians internationally, in Germany and in East Africa,
  • to organize scientific meetings on the national and regional scale in Tanzania, offer scientific excursions and provide outreach to local stakeholders,
  • to fulfil administrative duties (e.g. research permits, finances, management of local staff and field assistants

Team members

Dr. Claudia Hemp (Administration Tanzania, Research Station Nkweseko)
Mathias Templin (Administration Germany)
Ramona Papapostolou (Administration Germany)
Jennifer Günther (Administration Germany)
Beatrice Mmary (Assistant coordinator)
Isaack Kinawa (Station manager)
Berlin Mchau (Driver and mechanic)
Erick Materu (Day watchman and gardener)
Judica Malisa (Matron)
Julieth Mshida (Scientific garden helper and maid)
Sayuni Shao (Chairman NGO TanzMont)

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